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Cosmetic Dentistry – Wauwatosa, WI

Get the Radiant Smile You’ve Been Dreaming Of


Cosmetic dentistry is focused on improving the appearance of a person’s smile by changing the color, shape, position, alignment, and bite of their teeth. There are many techniques and dental solutions used to make these improvements, but before deciding on the treatment you would like to undergo, it is important to understand the benefits and risks that it entails. To find out which cosmetic treatment would be most effective at transforming your smile, contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss cosmetic dentistry in Wauwatosa, WI!

Why Choose Wauwatosa Dental Arts for Cosmetic Dentistry?

  • Safe & Effective Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Advanced Soft Tissue Laser Gum Recontouring
  • We Support Our Local Community

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers prior to placement during cosmetic dentistry visit

Porcelain veneers are thin, durable shells that are customized to fit over the visible surface of individual teeth. They’re an incredibly versatile cosmetic treatment because they address several different imperfections at once, including severe discoloration, chipped or broken teeth, and even slight misalignment. We’ll capture digital impressions of each of your prepared teeth that will be receiving veneers and send them off to our laboratory. As soon as they arrive, we’ll call you back in to cement them to the surface of your teeth, revealing a completely flawless and bright smile.

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Woman pointing to smile after Lumineers treatment

Lumineers are able to achieve similar transformations as porcelain veneers. The primary difference between the two treatments is that Lumineers are thinner and considered to be a more temporary procedure. Since we won’t have to account for the same thickness as veneers, we won’t need to prepare your teeth at all by removing a small portion of the enamel. This is a great option if you’re not 100 percent sure whether you want to invest in the permanent changes to your smile that porcelain veneers require.

Metal-Free Dental Restorations

Woman looking at smile after metal free dental restorations

Do you have an old metal crown or filling that people always stare at or comment on when you speak or smile? While these were once the top-tier of materials used for dental restorations, that’s not the case any longer. We recommend that our patients with metal crowns or fillings consider the natural-looking, safer, and more effective alternative that we offer, which are metal-free restorations. Crafted from porcelain and ceramic, our crowns and fillings are biocompatible, which means they’re less likely to leak and won’t cause gum or tooth discoloration, which are all common issues that our patients who have metal dental work experience.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding hand tool

Bonding is used to enhance the appearance and increase the strength of a damaged tooth. This procedure uses a tooth-colored composite resin that is sculpted over a tooth to conceal all kinds of minor imperfections, including chips, cracks, stains, and small gaps.

Teeth Whitening

Patient receiving teeth whitening treatment

Teeth whitening is a procedure performed to brighten the shade of your smile through whitening agents. Although there are whitening kits that can be bought over the counter, the method that produces the fastest, safest, and most effective results is in-office whitening that is performed by a dentist.

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Clear Aligners

Closeup of smile with clear aligners in place

These are aligners that can be used as an alternative to the traditional braces so that the patient does not have to wear unsightly metal brackets and wires.

Gum Recontouring

Closeup of smile after gum recontouring

When you see your smile in the mirror, does it look disproportional and overrun with pink gums? Your beautiful teeth that you work so hard to keep healthy should be the centerpiece of your smile, not your oral tissues! At Wauwatosa Dental Arts, we’re able to precisely reshape your gumline by removing excess oral tissue with our soft tissue dental laser to make your smile more uniform and beautiful. The process is simple and pain-free, and the best part about it is that we utilize the latest technology to do it, meaning you won’t have to encounter a scalpel and sutures.

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging hand tool

Is the one hesitation that’s holding you back from receiving cosmetic dentistry to transform your smile the fact that you can’t see the results until after your treatment? That’s not the case when you visit Wauwatosa Dental Arts! We use advanced digital imaging technology to construct a life-like blueprint of your smile to show you what it will look like after you undergo the treatment you want to receive. That way, there’s no guesswork in the process at all.

Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

dental tools on money representing cost of cosmetic dentistry in Wauwatosa

If you’re interested in revitalizing your smile, it’s likely that you want to know the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Wauwatosa. We’re proud to offer a variety of the highest quality cosmetic services, each designed to accomplish a certain look for your smile at a different price point. The best way to tell how much a specific treatment is going to cost for your unique situation is to come see us for a consultation! Not only will we help you determine which services will help you best achieve the smile of your dreams, but we’ll also give you a personalized estimate and review all your options for making your treatment as affordable as possible.

What Cosmetic Dental Service is Right for Me?

dentist and patient reviewing the cost of cosmetic dental services in Wauwatosa

With so many cosmetic services to choose from, we’ll be able to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank! Some treatments are designed to address one specific type of flaw, while others are more versatile and can be used to correct several types of imperfections. Read on as we compare the costs of a few of our most popular cosmetic treatments:

  • Teeth Whitening – A professional teeth whitening treatment is one of the most affordable ways to make a significant improvement in your smile. This quick and easy service is quite cost-effective, and the results can last up to a year before needing to be touched-up.
  • Dental Bonding – Dental bonding is both cost-effective and versatile, making it an ideal choice for many patients! It’s often used to conceal minor chips, cracks, stains, gaps, and other flaws from one or more teeth. While the results will need to be redone every few years, it’s one of our most affordable cosmetic services.
  • Veneers – Veneers are a fantastic way to redesign the size, shape, and color of one or more teeth in just two easy appointments. While veneers are by no means the cheapest cosmetic service available, they can provide dazzling, comprehensive results for 15 years or more with the proper care.
  • Clear Aligners – A clear aligner treatment will cost more time and money than many other cosmetic services, but keep in mind that clear aligners address orthodontic issues as well as the appearance of your smile. What’s more, they will sometimes receive partial coverage from your dental insurance!
  • Gum Recontouring – This mid-range service improves your smile without touching your teeth. If you have a gummy smile, gum recontouring can gently and quickly remove the excess gum tissue to reveal the natural beauty of your pearly whites.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be An Investment Worth Making

Hands holding tooth and coins for the cost of cosmetic dentistry in Wauwatosa

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry is about so much more than looks? Studies show that when someone invests in the appearance of their smile, they subconsciously become more adamant about their at-home oral hygiene practices and naturally begin to smile more. Not only does this boost your oral health and improve your self-confidence, but it can make you look more trustworthy, successful, and attractive. Getting a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry could make all the difference on a first date or in a job interview!

How to Make Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

Patient and dentist discussing how to make cosmetic dentistry affordable in Wauwatosa

Just because cosmetic dentistry isn’t covered by dental insurance doesn’t mean it can’t be affordable! We’ve partnered with CareCredit to help make your smile goals a financial reality. This third-party financing company offers numerous low- to no-interest payment plans. Then, you can break up the cost of your new smile into smaller, more manageable chunks that fit into your monthly budget.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

a side profile of a person standing in a park and smiling

Are you considering scheduling a consultation for cosmetic dentistry, but still have questions you’d like answered before you make the call? For your convenience, our team has answered some of the most common questions we receive from our patients below.

How long do cosmetic dental results last?

The length of your results depends on what treatment you receive and how well you maintain your smile. The more diligent you are about your oral hygiene routine and caring for your teeth after treatment, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy the results.

  • Porcelain veneers can last for 25+ years before needing to be replaced
  • Lumineers can last for 10+ years
  • Metal-free crowns can last for up to 15 years before needing to be replaced
  • Dental bonding can last between one and seven years
  • Teeth whitening results can last for up to a year
  • Clear aligner results can last a lifetime
  • Gum recontouring results last a lifetime

How do I know if I should get cosmetic dentistry?

Many patients wonder whether cosmetic dentistry is right for them. While ultimately, it’s up to you whether to invest in treatment, we recommend it for patients who are experiencing low self-confidence due to damaged or discolored teeth, or who otherwise feel they could benefit from any cosmetic procedures we offer, like gum recontouring, teeth whitening, and veneers. If you’d like to learn more about specific services, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our team!

Is cosmetic dentistry covered by dental insurance?

Unfortunately, cosmetic dentistry isn’t covered by most dental insurance plans, although, there are some services that may be considered “cosmetic” that could also be crucial in maintaining your oral health, like a metal-free crown, that may be partially covered by your plan. We also offer additional financing through CareCredit, which is a trusted, third-party financer that offers low monthly payment plans at little-to-no interest. This allows you to incorporate the cost of treatment more easily into your monthly budget.

How do I choose a good cosmetic dentist?

If you’re on the hunt for a great cosmetic dentist in Wauwatosa, it’s a good idea to look at their biography and get an idea of what dental procedures they’re most passionate about doing. It’s also important to ask them if they have a portfolio of before-and-after photos, so you can see the quality of their work. A great place to start is by reading reviews of local practices and asking friends and family for recommendations!